Digital Electronics Lab , Theorems & A.C. Bridges

Study of 4 – Bit Analog –to – Digital Converter using counter method, Model –D– 08


  • Circuit  is  engraved/printed  on  a  painted aluminum  sheet  to  facilitate  better  and  clear  understanding.
  • A complete working  manual  containing  operating  instructions,  theory  and  circuit  details  will  be  supplied  alongwith  experimental  set - up.
  • Builtin regulated and short circuit  proof  Power  Supplies  for  Analog  and  Digital – converter.
  • Stackable type connecting leads are supplied with the experimental board for  easy and  perfect  inter  connections.
  • LED’s  fitted  at  desired  places  for  indication  of  operation and working of kit.
  • Variable,  regulated  and  short  circuit  proof   reference  voltage  source  is  builtin.
  • Builtin  clock,  start  mode  and  one   Voltmeter  to  measure  voltages.
  • Sockets  are  provide  to  measure  different  voltages at required paints.


  1. To  study  the  procedure  of  Analog – to – Digital  Conversion  by  Counter  method.
  2. To  perform  monotonically  test.


  1. A  General  purpose  C.R.O.
  2. Function   Generator.

There will be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without any notice.