Digital Electronics Lab , Theorems & A.C. Bridges

Study of Differential Amplifier Using Op – Amp., Model – DA – 10



  • Builtin  I.C.  regulated  and  short  circuit  proof  ±  12 Volt  Power  Supply   suitable  to  this  experimental  board  is  builtin.
  • Circuit  is  drawn  on  a  painted aluminum  sheet  and  the  components  are  mounted  on  the  top  of  the  panel  for  better  and  clear  understanding.
  • A  complete  working  manual  giving  theory,  circuit  details  and  operating  instruction  supplied  with  the  experimental  board.
  • Stackable  type  connecting  leads  suitable  to  the  terminals  are  supplied  with  the  board  for  easy  inter – connections  and  longer  working  life  of  the  terminals.
  • A  Digital  Voltmeter  of  0 – 20,  Volt  is  provided  for  the  measurement  of  voltages.
  • AC  and  DC  input  sources  required  for  the  experiments  are  builtin.


  1. High Gain Accuracy.
  2. High Common –Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
  3. High gain Stability with Low Temperature Coefficient.
  4. Measurement of Input Offset Voltage.  (Low DC Offset).
  5. Low Output Impedance.
  6. Measurement  of  Slew  Rate.
  7. Measurement  of  Open  Loop  Gain.


  1. Digital  Multimeter.
  2. A  General  purpose  C.R.O.