Digital Electronics Lab , Theorems & A.C. Bridges

Verification of Network Theorems, Model – N – 10 (in DC Circuit)


  • Regulated  and  short  circuit  proof  and  continuously  variable  voltage  and  current  power  supplies  are  builtin.
  • Circuit  is  drawn  on  a  decorated  bakelite  sheet  to  facilitate  better  and  clear  understanding.
  • A  complete  working  manual  containing  operating  instruction,  theory  and  circuit  details  will  be  supplied  alongwith  experimental  set - up.
  • Centre  zero  volt  and  current  meters  are  provided  on  the  board  to  measure  the  current  and  voltages  of  negative  and  positive  nature.
  • Five  Fixed  resistance  and  variable  resistance  from  25, W  to  275, W  in  steps  of  25, W  are  builtin.
  • Stackable  type  connecting  leads  suitable  to  the  terminals  are  supplied  with  experimental  board. 


  1. Verification of  Kirchhoff’s  Current  and  Voltage  laws.
  2. Verification  of  Super  Position  Theorem.
  3. Verification  of  Thevenin  and  Norton  Theorems.


  1. Board  is  self  sufficient.

There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.