Digital Electronics Lab , Theorems & A.C. Bridges

Characteristics of Opto Electronics Devices, Model – OPTO – 10


  • Complete Circuit of OPTO - 10 is  engraved  on  a  painted aluminum  sheet  to  facilities  better  on  clear  understanding.
  • A  complete  working  manual  with  theory,  circuit  details  and  operating  procedure  is  supplied  with  the  experimental  board.
  • Stackable  type  connecting  leads  are  supplied  with  the board  for  easy  and  perfect  inter  connections.
  • One  Fixed  Output  D.C.  regulated  power  supply  3  Volts  at  150, milli amps.
  • Built-in  Two  Digital  Panel  Meters  for  Voltage  and  Current  measurement.
  • Photo  Diode,  Photo  Transistor  and  LED  and mounted  on  the  front panel.


  1. To  Study  of  V. I.  characteristics  of  the  following   :
  • Characteristics  of  Photo  Diode.
  • Characteristics  of  Photo  Transistor.
  • Characteristics  of  L.E.D.


  1. Lamp  Holder  with   60 Watt  Bulb.

There may be any change in specification due to continuous R&D without any notice