Electronics Lab Trainer

Study of Power supply, (Solid State) Model – SPS – 12.


This set-up consists of step down transformer a rectifier circuits. Which can be used as a half wave or full wave rectifier, a filter circuit with an inductance and two capacitors, This arrangement can be used for the study of various configuration of filter and regulation circuits.

The  following  studies  can  be  carried  out  with  this  set – up  :

1. Study of Rectification:

(a) Full – Wave  Rectification.

(b)Half – Wave  Rectification.

2.  Study  of  Filters:

(a) Efficiency  of  various  type  of  Filters - p,   T – Type etc. (Ripple)

(b)The  Effect  of  Load.

(c)The  Effect  of  Regulation.

3.Study  of  Rectification:

(a)The  Effect  of  Load  on  regulation.

(b) The  Effect  of  Change  in  mains  voltage.

Brief  Specifications:

  • Output:0 – 12, Volts.
  • Max.  Current  :200, m Amp.
  • Regulation:1%.

Other Apparatus Required:

  • Digital  Multi meter.
  • Rheostat,  Range  :  1000 ohm,  0.5 Amp.
  • Single Phase, Variable Auto Transformer (Variac), Enclosed, Capacity: 4 Amp.