Electronics Lab Trainer

Different types of characteristics of junction (NPN transistor) transistor in CE, CB and CE configuration, Model – JT – 10.


Features :

  • Two  Power  Supplies  (Regulated,  continuously  variable  and  short  circuiting  proof  suitable  for  the  experimental  board  are  builtin.
  • Circuit  is  printed  and  component  are  mounted  on the  top  of  the  decorated  sunmica  bakelite  sheet  to  give  better  and  clear  understanding.
  • A  complete  working  manual  containing  operating  instruction,  theory  and  circuit  details  will  be  supplied  alongwith  experimental  set - up.
  • Patch  cords  suitable  to  the  terminals  are  supplied  with  the  board  for  easy  inter  connections  and  longer  working  of  the  terminals.

Experiments  :

Input,  Output  and  Transfer  Characteristics  of  the  Junction  Transistor  in  the  following  three  configurations  can  be  drawn  :

  1. Common  Emitter.
  2. Common  Base.
  3. Common  Collector.


Other Apparatus Required  :

  1. Digital  Voltmeter.                               0 – 20,  Volt.                                         01  No.
  2. Digital  Milliammeter.                         0 – 20, mAmp.                                     02  Nos.
  3. Digital  Voltmeter.                               0 – 2, Volt.                                            01  No.
  4. Digital  Milliammeter.                         0 – 2, mAmp.                                       01  No.