Study of Wien Bridge Oscillator (WBO-12)



  • Circuit  is  engraved  and  components  are  mounted  on  the  top  of  the  decorated  bakelite  sheet to  facilitate  better  and  clear  understanding.
  • I. C.  Regulated  and  short  circuit  proof   ±  15, Volt  Power  Supply  suitable  to the  experimental  board  is  builtin.
  • A  complete  working  manual  containing  theory,  circuit  details  and  operating  instructions  will  be  supplied  alongwith  experimental  board.
  • Stackable  type  connecting  leads  suitable  to  the  terminals  are  supplied  with  the  board  for  easy  inter – connections  and  longer  working  life  of  the  terminals.
  • Weight : 2Kg Approximately
  • Dimension : 210mm ×280mm × 82mm


  1. To  study  the  Frequency  Response  of  the  Phase  Shift  Oscillator.
  2. Study  of  Frequency  Variation  with  change  in  R.C. Combinations.
  3. To  study  the  effect  of  Amplifier  gain  variation  on the  Oscillations,  i.e.  the  verification  of  the  gain  condition  of  barkhausen  criteria.


  1. A  General  purpose  C.R.O.,  Model – 201.  To  see  the  waveform  shape.
  2. Audio  Frequency  Oscillator,  Model – 712.
  3. True  R.M.S.  A.C. Millivoltmeter,  Model – ACM – 536. (with  builtin  1 KHz  Oscillator).

Note : There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.

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