True R.M.S. A.C. Millivoltmeter ,Model – ACM – 536



A.C. Millivoltmeter is a general purpose, very useful and versatile equipment for the measurement of Audio Frequency amplitude down upto 0.1, m Volt and as high as upto 20 Volt from 20 Hz to 100 KHz. The present model is A.C. Millivoltmeter is well suited for all types of sine wave frequency response measurements upto 100 KHz. Four measuring range (20, mVolt, 200 mVolt, 2 Volt and 20 Volt) are provided and the reading are available on a good quality three and half digit digital panel meter.

For some experiments (line measurement of transistor parameter, A.C. Bridge experiments etc.) a fixed Frequency) Spot Frequency is required. For the purpose a highly stable Op – Amp. sine wave Oscillator of 1 KHz frequency (fixed) but variable output between 0 – 5, volt (Peak – to – Peak) is provided. This extra facility in the A.C. Millivoltmeter makes the meter more versatile for the testing of the circuits. One can design the circuit and test the same at the given 1 KHz frequency and the output can be measured with the help of the A.C. Millivoltmeter and afterwards and external Oscillator can be used for lower / higher frequencies. In this way the present model of the A.C. Millivoltmeter becomes very useful for laboratory use.


Voltage Range : 20 mVolt, 200 mVolt, 2 Volt and 20 Volt .

Frequency Response : Flat from 10 Hz to 200 KHz and 3 db down from 10 Hz to 300 KHz.

Accuracy : ± 1% full scale deflection (this includes ± one digit of digital Panel Meter, Non – Linearity of the rectifying circuit etc.

Input Power Required : 220 Volt, ± 10%, 50 Hz, A.C.

Special Feature : 1 KHz, Oscillator builtin.