Audio Frequency Oscillator, Model – AF – 712



Model – 712 A.F. Oscillator is an economical but versatile sine and square wave generator  for Audio and supersonic frequencies between 20Hz and 200KHz. It is suitable for measurement of frequency and distortion of Audio and wide band filters and transmission systems.

The design employs Wien Bridge circuit. The output impedance of the Oscillator is low, thus  minimizing effects of loading with good regulation.

The instrument is housed in an aluminum cabinet duly painted.


Frequency Range : 20Hz to 20KHz in 4 decade range , square wave upto 20 KHz.

Accuracy : ± 2%,  ± 1 Hz.

Wave Form : Sine and Square – Selectable.

Output Voltage: 0–10,Volts continuously variable with Coarse and Fine Controls.

Stability: 0.5% after warm – up time of 10, minutes.

Output Impedance : 600,ohms.

Distortion : Less than 1% between 10 Hz and  20  KHz.

Power Source : 200 – 250, Volts,50 Hz.