Wire Wound Rheostats Range (10 Ohm / 5 Amp.)

A Rheostat is used to raise or lower the resistance of a circuit and correspondingly to decrease or increase the current following. 

Our Rheostat are manufactured in a very wide range. which are being used in electronic industries, schools, colleges laboratories over decades.
A wide range of Rheostat are available from 0.1 amp. to 200 Amp. *Values from 0.5 ohms to 12000 ohms. Customized designing available on request.Higher wattage resistors for special applications can be made. Wirewound Sliding Rheostats are spaced wound with best quality Cu/Ni or Ni/Cr Alloy Resistance Wire having very low temp.

Co-efficient and wire is protected with high temp. Resistance Compound. The winding is done on vitreous enameled drawn steel tubes,fitted with aluminum die casted stands/fabricated steel stands. Phosphor Bronze or Self Lubricating Copper Graphite Contacts are fitted on brass slider, Slides on solid drawn brass rods.
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