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Single Phase Half Controled Bridge Converter, Model: SPHB – 102.


A  semi–converter  is  also  a  bridge  circuit  but  in  these  configurations  two thyristors  are replaced  by  power  diode  and  can  be  connected  in  either  arm  of  the  bridge.  It  is  also known  as  half  controlled  converter  or  one  quadrant  converter  because  the  operation  is limited  to  first  quadrant  only.  Half  controlled  means  that  control  is  possible  in  one  half cycle  only  or  on  half  the  number  of  components.

  • Weight : 6.5Kg Approximately
  • Dimension : 250mm × 350mm × 150mm


The set – up consists of:

  • Power  circuit  based  on  two  thyristors  and  two  power  diodes.
  • Firing  circuit  for  thyristors.
  • Step  down  isolation  transformer. 
  • Test  point  for  observations.
  • Resistive  Load. 
  • Inductive  Load.
  • Builtin  power  supply.
  • Complete  with  working  manual  and  patch  cords.


  • To  study  the  operation  of  single  phase  half  controlled  bridge  converter  at  different  firing angles.
  • With  Resistive  Load.
  • With  L  Load. 


  • Power  Scope.
  • Digital  Multimeter.


Note: There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.


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