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Three Phase Full & Half Controlled Bridge Rectifier, Model: TPBC – 301HF.


This system is intended for firing six thyristors wired to form a fully and half controlled full wave and half wave  three phase line commutated converter feeding resistive, inductive, or D.C. Motor load. This trainer operate in two mode , one is full bridge converter and second is half bridge converter. The unit accepts 440V, three phase A.C. main’s input and gives out six isolated outputs desired from zero to maximum output voltage. It has inherent synchronizing means incorporated in it, which make it insensitive to phase reversal.

The firing circuit comprises of Zero Crossing Detector (ZCD), Integrator, Comparator, Logic Gates &  Pulse  Amp.  and   Isolation  Transformer.

  • Weight : 6.5Kg Approximately 

  • Dimension : 250mm × 350mm × 150mm


The  set – up  consists  of   :

  • Power  Circuit based on 6 SCR’s and 3 diode configured as  fully controlled bridge  converter.
  • Firing  circuit  for  all SCR’s.
  • Three Phase Step  Down  Isolation  Transformer  :  110 Volt /per phase.
  • Test  Points.
  • Resistive Load.(Lamp  Load) (optional)
  • Inductive Load. (Universal  Motor) (optional)

The 3 phase half and full bridge rectifier consist of firing circuit, power circuit, power supply as under:


The firing module contains the control and firing pulse for SCR and various testing point for firing circuits, block diagram, potentiometers for varying output voltage, R, Y, B & G three phase input terminals and ON/OFF switch with soft start.


The firing module contains the Step down transformer, Miniature circuit breaker (MCB), three DIODE and Firing pulse socket for all six SCRs, R, Y B & G terminals and output terminals for connect the load.


Specially designed three phase step down transformer and three phase miniature circuit breaker (MCB)  provided for over current protection with all the six SCR’s used in this module and R & L also provided for loading purpose (Optional).

The following experiments can be performed with this system :

  1.  To study the operation of 3 phase bridge controlled rectifier with R load.
  2.  To study the operation of 3 phase bridge controlled rectifier with R + L load


  1. Three Phase Drive Module Bridge Converter,  Model – TPBC – 301HF.
  2. Three Phase Power Module Bridge Converter,  Model – TPBC – 301HF.
  3. General purpose dual trace Oscilloscope.
  4. Analog  Multimeter.
  5. Inductive Load (Maximum 100 watt)
  6. Resistive Load (100 W/250 Volt bulb).  (Total load not exceed beyond 300 watts)
  7. Inductive Load (Maximum 100 watt)  (Total load not exceed beyond  300 watts) 

Note : There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.

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