Power Electronics & Drives Lab

Study of UJT Saw Tooth Generator / Relaxation Oscillator, Model–UJ– 04.



  • Builtin  regulated,  continuously  variable  and  short  circuiting  proof  power  supply  suitable  for  the  experimental  board.
  • Circuit  is  engraved  and  components  are  mounted  on  the  top  of  the  bakelite  sheet  (Decorated)  to  facilitate better  and  clear  understanding.
  • A  complete  working  manual  containing  operating  instruction,  theory  and  circuit  details  will  be  supplied  alongwith  experimental  set - up.
  • Patch  cords  suitable  to  the  terminals  are  supplied  with  the  board  for  easy  inter  connections  and  longer  working  life  of  the  terminals.


  1. To  study  the  working  of  UJT  Relaxation  Oscillator / Saw  Tooth  Generator  for  different Capacitors  and  Resistors.


  1. Digital  Multimeter,  Model – 4011.  (“Scientech”  make.)

  2. A  General  purpose  C.R.O.,  Model – 201.  (“Scientech”  make.)

There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.