Thermocouple are most commonly used in temperature measurement. The sensing is based on the principle that a current flow in a close circuit made up of two dissimillor metals, if the junction of these two metals is kept at different temperatures. The junction of these two metal is called thermocouple. The  heat  at  the  junction  is  produced  by  the electrical  current  flowing  in  the  heater  element  while  the  thermocouple  produces  an  emf  at  its  output  terminals  which  can  be  measured  with  help  of  a  PMMC.  The emf  produced  is  proportional  to  the  temp.  and  hence  to  the  R.M.S,  value  of  the  current.  The  thermocouple  type  of  instruments  can  be  used  for  both  D.C.  and  A.C.  application. The  most  attractive  feature  of  thermocouple  is  that  they  can  be  used  for measurements  of  current  and  voltage even  at  very  high  frequencies. 


(i)             Thermocouples  are  cheaper  than  the  resistance  thermometers.

(ii)            Thermocouples  follow  the  temp.  changes  with  a  small  time  lag  and  as  such  are suitable  for  recording  comparatively  rapid  changes   in  temperature.

Thermocouples   are  very  convenient  for  measuring  the temperature  at  one  particular  point  in  a  piece  of  apparatus. 


(a)        Thermocouple::Type K- Iron-contention

                                    SS  Sheathed

                                    Heat proof mounting of screw terminals.

(b)        D.C.  Instrumentation  Amplifier  :

            **        For  amplification  of  millivolt  signal  of  thermocouple  output.

            **        Gain  and   null  adjustment  facility  on  Panel.

            **        Input / Output  termination  of  Panel.

(c)        3 ½  Digit  Digital  Panel  Meter  for  measuring  the  temperature / millivolts.

(d)        Power Supply  :

**        Builtin  over  load  and  short  circuit  protected  + 15 Volt  and  + 5 Volt  D.C. Supply  for  D.C.  amplifier   and   DPM.

            **        Input  :  230 Volt,    50 Hz mains supply.



(i)                 Characteristics  of  Thermocouple  between  :

**        Temperature  V/s.  millivolt.

**        Time  V/s.   temperature.


  • Weight :  2Kg. Approximately
  • Dimension : 195mm × 315mm × 75mm


 Note: There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.


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