Stepper Motor Control Trainer, Model: CMC – 101.


  • The Stepper Motor Control Unit houses all the necessary electronic circuits required to operate and control of the Stepper Motor. A control circuit using TTL ICs provides the necessary pulse sequence for continuous rotation in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. In single stepping mode 4 inputs are provided to select 0 and 1 signal through switches. A variable frequency square wave generator with a varying frequency of 10-800 Hz. (approximate) is provided for varying the speed of the motor.
  • All necessary power supply are provided in the same unit. Only 230V ± 10%, 50Hz mains power is required to operate the unit.
  • The motor is, also, housed in the separate cabinet. A 360° calibrated dial is fixed on the shaft of the motor to provide a visual indication of the shaft position.
  • A servo potentiometer is also mounted on the motor shaft, for sensing the shaft position.
  • A microprocessor interface has been incorporated to provide the user with a facility to study the microprocessor control of stepper motor. By using on 8085 microprocessor based kit, the movement of the stepper motor can be programmed to generate any desired profile.


  • This  unit  is  inside  a  metallic  cabinet  with  front  panel  block  diagram. 
  • All  the  necessary  switches,  potentiometer  and  test  points  are  on  the  front  panel.
  • The  features  include  Single  Stepping  and  free  running  mode  of  operation  and  variable  speed  and  direction  reversal – internal  TTL  circuit.
  • 360°  motion  servo-potentiometer  position  pick – up  for  motor  dynamics.
  • Operation  through  Microprocessor  kit  with sample  control  programs.
  • Stepper  Motor  Specifications  are  :
  • 2.8 Kg-cm  Torque.
  • 1.8 degree  step angle.
  • Power : 12 Volt at 1 Amp. per phase.
  • Builtin  Regulated  Power  Supply  :  220 Volt,  ± 10%,  50 Hz   mains  operated.
  • Detailed  literature  and  patch  cords.
  • Weight : 2.5 Kg Approximately
  • Dimension : 250mm × 350mm × 150mm


  • To study the operation of a Stepper Motor.
  • Trainer complete with Microprocessor.

  Trainer  complete  with  Microprocessor.

Note: There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.


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