DC Position Control System , Model : DCP – 132


Features and Specifications

  • Compact system - no mechanical hassles Simplified operation
  • Digital storage of transient response (step mode)
  • Positive/Negative tacho generator feedback
  • Position control of a 12 volt, 1 Amp dc geared PM motor ( 50 / 60 RPM )
  • Calibrated dials with 10 resolution for reference and output position
  • Two 3600 servo - potentiometers
  • Built in step signal
  • Inbuilt tacho generator with polarity reverse switch
  • Calibrated forward path gain 3 to 10 in steps
  • Calibrated tacho constant 0.2 to 1 in steps
  • The motor unit is housed in a separate cabinet with transparent Cover for easy viewing.
  • Interconnection with the main unit is through a standard 9-pin D-type connector. All power supplies and step input signal are internally provided. In addition a 3½ digit DVM is available on the panel for the measurement of various signals. A good quality measuring CRO is the only accessory that would be required.
  • Built in waveform capture / display card for study dynamics in step mode
  • IC regulated dc power supplies for circuitry
  • Dimension : 410x215x140mm main unit approx)
  • Weight     : 3.5 kg main unit (approx.)

                : 215x160x130mm motor unit (approx.)

                : 2 kg motor unit (approx.)

List of Experiments

  • Operation of the position control system for different values of the forward gain to angular position commands(effect of forward path gain in steady state error)
  • Step response studies for various values of forward gain(to analyse the transient)
  • Study of the effect of velocity feedback on the transient and steady state performance of the system as well as its stability(Effect of velocity feedback upon transient response)