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Apparatus for the Measurement of Susceptibility of Solids by Gouy's Method, Model: GMX-01.

Apparatus for Measurement of Susceptibility of Paramagnetic Solids by Gouy’s Method                                                     

In the Gouy’s method of susceptibility measurement, the solid sample in the form of a long cylinder (area Of cross section A) is hung from the pan of a balance and is placed such that one end of the sample is between the pole-pieces of the magnet (field H ) and the other one is outside the field. The force exerted on the sample by the in homogeneous magnetic field is obtained by measuring the apparent change ( m ) in the mass of the sample. The susceptibility x is given by

if the sample is in the form of powder, it is filled in a long nonmagnetic tube which is then suspended from the pan of the balance 

The set up consists of the following:

(a) Scientific Balance,

Capacity : 200 gms
Sensitivity : 1/10 mg. by vernier 
Beam : Hard Bronze/ Brass 
Arrestment : Circular, falling away type
Air Damping : Very quick and positive, beam coming to rest in 2-3 sec
Chainomatic Device : A gold plated chain is suspended from the beam with its other end screwed on the Device rotating drum on which a scale graduated from 0 to 10 div each division representing 1mg is installed.
By the movement of this scale before a vernier, reading upto 1/10th mg is taken

(b) Sample in the form of a long rod : Set of samples

(c) Electromagnet, Model : EMU-50T

Pole Pieces : 50mm tapered to 25mm Mag. Field : 10KG at10mm air gap
Energizing Coils : Two of approx. 4.0 ohms each. 

(d) Constant Current Power Supply, Model CC-50

Power supply : 0- 4A (specifications as per datasheet)

(e) Digital Gauss meter, Model DGM-100 (specifications as per datasheet)



Note: There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.

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