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MAGNETIC FIELD MEASUREMENT APPARTUS, (Biot Savartʼs Law Set-up), Model: MFM – 01.


The experiment consists of two coils, Constant Current Power Supply and Gauss meter. The Gauss meter probe is mounted on a rail with a scale. It can move smoothly and precisely for measurement of magnetic field along the centre of the coils.
  • Weight : 20 Kg. Approximately 

The following studies Biot Savart’s Law can be carried out with the set-up: 

  1. Study of magnetic field due to one coil and calculation of its diameter.
  2. Study of Principal of super-imposition of magnetic field due to 2 coils by keeping the distance between the coils at a, >a and <a, where a is the radius of the coil.

Line 1 : Magnetic Pro􀀥le when the distance between the coils is > a 

Line 2 : Magnetic Pro􀀥le when the distance between coils is = a 

Line 3 : Magnetic Pro􀀥le when the distance between coils is < a Superimposition overlaps completely 

Apparatus consists of the following

1.      Digital Gaussmeter 

  • Range : 0-200, 
  • Resolution : 0.1G, 
  • Accuracy : ± 0.5%, 
  • Display : 3½ digit 7 segment LED with auto polarity. 

2.      Two Coil

  • Diameter : 200mm,
  • Number of turn : 1000 

3.      Constant Current Power Supply 

  • Current : 0-0.5A Smoothly adjustable
  • Line Regulator : ± 0.2%for 10% mains variation.
  • Load Regulator : ± 0.2% for 0 to full load
  • Display : 3½ digit 7 Segment LED Display
  • Protection : Against overload/ short current.


The 2 coils are mounted on platform one coil is fixed and other coil move smoothly on a rail along with the axis of the coils. 


 Note: There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.

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