Diodes Characteristics & Boltzman Constant, Model: DCBC - 01.



  • Forward and reverse characteristics of Ge, Si diodes and LEDs
  • Study of Zener diode characteristics
  • CRO display of forward and reverse characteristics
  • Determination of Boltzman Constant

The set-up is provided with a booklet which contains its theory of operation, description, suggestions and discussion of the experiments that may be performed with it.


The experimental set-up consists of the following:

  1. Diodes: Rectifier-4007 (Si), Signal diode-1N34 (Ge), Zener 4.7V, LED and transistor BC-109
  2. 3½ digit DPM which can measure diode voltage and current through op-amp circuit. This provides near ideal measurements.
  3. Circuit to display forward/reverse characteristics of the diodes on a double trace CRO.
  4. IC regulated internal power supplies.


The experimental set-up is complete in all respect, except a measuring CRO.








Note: There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.


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