Solid State Power Supply, LV-05

(Constant Current & Constant Voltage)


By investing considerable amount and skilled labour we have developed these Power Supplies with unbeatable performance and capacity.

We offer a wide range of Solid State Power Supplies at very competitive prices. The latest designs and technology are used. These power supplies exhibit extremely high level of reliability.


  • Excellent Stability
  • Adjustable output
  • Very high regulation
  • Compact in size
  • Protected against overloading and short circuiting. 


  • Output: 0 – 5 Volt
  • Current: 0 – 10 Amp
  • Line Regulation: Better than  ± 0.05% for ±10% changes in mains
  • Load Regulation: Better than ± 0.05% from No load to full load
  • Ripples:  Less than 1 mVolt rms at full load
  • Protection: Protected against overloading and short circuiting
  • Meter: Digital Meter fitted to read output voltage and current
  • Power Supply:  230 Volt 10% 50 Hz. 

**There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.**