Study of T– type of Low Pass, High, Band Pass and band stop filters, Model – TTF – 10.


  • Circuit is engraved on  a  painted  aluminum  sheet  to  facilitie  better  and  clear  under  standing.
  • A complete working manual  containing theory, circuit details and operating procedure is supplied  with  the  experimental  board.
  • Stackable type connecting leads are  supplied  with  the board  for  easy  and  perfect  inter  connections.
  • Required  Sine  Wave  Oscillator  with  frequency  range  from 1 Hz  to  100 KHz  selectable  through  coarse  and  fine  frequency  dials  and  with variable  amplitude.  (Optional)
  • Required  A.C.  Millivoltmeter  with  ranges  from   20 mV  to  20 Volt  selectable  through band rotory  switch.  (Optional)
  • Circuit  diagrams  are  printed  and  components  are  mounted  on  the front  panel.  Sockets  are  mounted  on  the  front  panel  to  connect  the  sine  wave  oscillator  across  input  signal  and  A.C.  Millivoltmeter  across  output.
  • Weight : 2 Kg Approximately
  • Dimension : 210mm × 280mm × 82mm


Study  of  Passive  Filter  circuits  has  been  designed  to  study  the  characteristics  of  Passive  Filters :   
  1. Low  Pass  Filters  (L.P.F)
  2. High  Pass  Filters  (H.P.F)
  3. Band  Pass  Filters  (B.P.F)
  4. Band  Stop  Filters  (B.S.F)  or  Band  Elimination  Filter  (B.E.F)


  1. A  General  Purpose  Dual  Trace  Oscilloscope.
  2. Audio  Frequency  Oscillator,  Model – AF –712.
  3. True  RMS  A.C. Millivoltmeter,  Model – ACM – 536.

Note : There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.

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