Microprocessor Device Controller Trainer , Model : MDC – 01


  • Sequence control of 8 LEDs through 8255 port
  • Control of 2 relays
  • Operating a 7-segment display
  • Switch state input through 8255 port
  • SID/SOD Operation


This unit has been designed to train the students to handle basic input-output operations of the 8085 microprocessor through 8255 ports. The power supply, drivers and other hardware are prewired resulting in a greater reliability of operation. The students are expected to enter a few suggested programs and also to develop their own programs for a variety of input-output operations, which include,

  • Light the 8 LEDs in a cycle, in binary sequence, as a bar graph display etc.
  • Operate the 2 relays with software controlled timing
  • Operate the 7-segment display through segment control
  • Sense the state of the 4-switches as input and send out suitable signals to various output devices.
  • Study of SID/SOD

The system comprises of a main unit and a µp kit, connected through a flat cable. The main unit houses all the I/O devices, viz. LED’s, relays, 7-segment display, switches and their drivers/ interfacing circuits. In addition the status of the relays and switches are displayed with the help of lamps mounted on the panel.  

Note: There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.

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