3 Phase S.C.R. based DC Power supply (Rectifier type) Model :TPRU-100

It employs D.C Converter 3phase fully controlled S.C.R Based Bridge converter with following features  :

Fault diagnosis and safety features  :

  1. Instantaneous over current trip.
  2. Over load trip.
  3. Under Voltage/ Single phase trip.
  4. Current limit with voltage fold back.
  • Regulation is better than +1%.
  • Various test point to monitor wave forms and voltages on regulator card
  • Ripple  Less  than  5%  on full  load.
  • Control System consist of regulator card and power card. Regulator card is isolated from main power supply voltage and connector based for easy changeability.
  • Voltage and current meters are provided on the front door of the panel
  • Annuciator is provided on the door for easy diagnoses of faults
  • D.C. Voltage setting is provided on the front door of the panel
  • Burden resistance is provided on D.C supply as S.C.R are voltage devices
  • Input: 3 Phase , 415 V ± 10% , 50 H
  • Output voltage steplessly variable for 0 to 230V.
  • D.C Voltage build up has a smooth start features.


Rating  Available :

  • 30Amp / 60Amp / 100Amp / 200Amp


Note : There may be any change in specification due to continuous R & D without notice.

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